William and Deborah's Golden Wedding.

The photograph of the Family was taken on or just after William and Deborah's Golden Wedding on January 29th 1884. One hundred years later, my father, who was born in 1888, 4 years after the photo, was able to identify all the adults and boys, but was uncertain about some of the girls and babies. Guesses at identification have been made depending on their apparent ages.

The following descendants of William and Deborah are missing from the photo:-

Son George and wife Susannah and their 4 children were in Boston.
Son William and his wife Mary Ann and their daughter were in London.
4 grand-children, off-spring of Alfred and Rhoda, were left behind in Bolton.
Grandson George Herbert (son of Richard) was probably in Bolton.
Grand-daughter (Henry's daughter) either Kate Rebecca or (less likely) Mary Ann was probably away in service.
Young grand-daughter either Fanny or Alice was possibly ill.

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Sept. 2003

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