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Totteridge in Temple Manor Court Rolls

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Local History

(Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies Document D/BASM/87/1)

This is a transcript of a document prepared in about 1730 referring (inter alia) to properties in Wycombe Marsh and Kingswood (Totteridge). The original 21 pages of foolscap are written in flowing copperplate with many legal shorthand abbreviations which are difficult to interpret.

The spelling is reproduced verbatim. There are some 9 variations of Totteridge!

The notes in parentheses are mainly mine--- dates of saint's days, A.D.dates (within one year) and dictionary explanations of legal terms etc.

The properties concerned are from Terriers House along Totteridge Lane, Hatters Lane and Cock Lane to Wycombe Marsh and Loudwater.

The contents are presented in two ways :-

(A) Here, in chronological order as in the original document.

(B) In abbreviated form in chronological order but arranged in geographical order
from Terriers to Wycombe Marsh.

This is produced by permission of The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies.


The Original Document in chronological order

Some notes or abstracts taken out of the Rolls of and belonging to the view (act) of franckplege (a mutual suretyship (legal security against loss) by which members of a tithing were made responsible for each other ) and Court Baron (the assembly of freehold tenants of a manor under a lord) of the Mannor of Temple Wicombe in Bucks in order to prove that severall cottages built on the wast (uncultivated and sparsely inhabited land) at the MARISH and at KINGSWOOD in the parish of Chepping Wycombe are erected on the wast ground of the said Mannor.

In the Reign of KING EDWARD the SECOND

1 First Edward 2nd (1307) first roll at this mark
Wm. SOLVERHOUSE & CICELY his wife came into Court and took of the Lord one messuage and four crofts of meadow land near the KINGSWOOD paying therefore yearly 12 d. and they gave to the Lord for a fine 16d. and did fealty ( the vassal's obligation of fidelity to his feudal lord).


2 Roll At a Court held on Thursday next after the feast of St.Andrew (Nov.30th) First Richard 2nd(1377)
On back of this Roll is this prosentement (a jury's statement to a court of matters within its knowledge).
Back -The Homage prosent JOHN 4 At HULLE (HUTTE?) hath cutt three beeches in KINGSWOOD.

4 Roll On Thursday next after the feast of St.Hillary (Jan.13th) 4thRichardi 2nd (1380) The last prosentement on this Roll save 7 or 8.
It's prosented that Wm.TURRELL hath dugg and taken clay in the Lord's soyle and therefore a writt was to be made against him.

5 Roll The last prosentement - GYLES at RYE was admitted to two acres in KINGS MEADOW.

6 Roll The last item on back of this Roll is that ROBERT TOTTERIDGE is ellected to the office of (blank) in the room of (blank).

10 Roll Court on Thursday next after the feast of St.Leonard the Abbott (Nov.6th) 20th Richard 2nd (1396)
Tho. (blank), RICHARD SHRIMPTON, ROBERT TOTTERIDGE & others are fined and JOHN TOTTERIDGE and others are fined for cutting wood in the Lord's & other's woods.


No.9 7 Roll The (blank) day of (blank) in first Henry Fourth (1399)
(the entire line is illegible, but might become clear on viewing the original document)

A tenement called GOMMS LAND is granted to THOS.HORNODON with the woods thereto belonging-
ROBERT TOTTERUGG hath felled wood in his tenement & comitted wastgo and others have done the like.
SIMON SHIPLAKE & his wife & several others are prosented for letting their tenements for termes of years without lycence.

Roll 6 Court held on Wednesday next after the feast of All Saints (Nov 1st) 2ndHenry 4th(1400).
Wm.SAUNDERS is fined 2d. for comitting wast in the Lords wood called KINGSWOOD-----Six sheep of two years old were taken estray-----
On back,Wm.FULLER is fined 2d. for taking fish out of the Lords waters.

Roll 5 Court held on Munday next after All Saints (Nov1st) 5thHenry 4th(1403)
2nd Court on Roll----JOHN the son of ROBERT TOTTERIDGE is prosented to be fined.

At another Court on same Roll held 5th Henry 4th(1403) 3 Court
---Wm.MICKLEFIELD is fined 2d.
-----CATHERINE the wife of RICHARD TOTTERIDGE is prosented to have demised (transferred by lease) for 2 years without lycence her dower to RICHARD SANDWELL therefore the Bailiff was comanded to seize
-----and ROBERT TOTTERUGGE is prosented to have demised to RICHARD KEEL a piece of land in WHITE FIELD.

Wm.MICKLEFIELD is prosented for felling and selling an oake.

At this Court NICHOLAS ATTOLOUGH surrenders by the Rod (Rood?) & into the Lords hands a messuage and one yard land with the apportionment which was late RICHARD de SALICE(Salisbury?) within the Mannor of Temple Wycombe lying by or near LOWDWATER to the use &.

On back ROBERT TOTTERUGGE is with others fined 2d.as is Wm.MICKLEFIELD and he is also fined for another offence 4d. and NICHOLAS At SLOUGH is fined 2d..for felling four beeches
And Wm. CAREY is prosented to have obstructed a watercourse to the common nuisance
---- A red heifer is prosented estray and the bailiff was commanded to make proclamation in the markett of Wycombe.

At this Court the Lord granted to JOHN FOWLER a tenement late of ROBERT and RICHARD TOTTERUGG with the kovenon(covenant?) of the dower which KATHERINE the wife of RICHARD holds for her life and one yard land in Temple Wycombe Mannor by LOWDWATER.

Roll 4th. This title of Roll can't be read.
Wm.MICKLEFIELD fined 2d.and RICHARD and JOHN sons of ROBERT TOTTERUGG are there named.
Wm. MICKLEFIELD is again named for not repairing his house.

Roll 3rd. Court Leet on Thursday next after feast of All Saints(Nov.1st) Henry 4th
Wm.MICKLEFIELD is a juryman---he is prosented for not repairing his house.
JOHN GIBBS is prosented for digging on the land of wast without lycence
---RALPH SHRIMPTON and others are fined for fishing in the Lord's waters
---The Hayward is prosented for not impounding 75? in the Lord's meade called KINGSMEADE.

Roll 2 Court Leet on Saturday next after Michealmas(Sep.29th) 12 Henry fourth(1410)
Wm.FULLER and RALPH SHIPMAN are prosented to have severally fished the Lord's water and are fined each 12d.
On back----Wm.MICKLEFIELD and others fined.

Kings Wood, Terriers
King's Wood, Terriers.

Yet the reign of HENRY the FOURTH

No.9 Roll 1st At a Court held on fryday next after All Saints (Nov.1st)14thHenry 4th(1412)
Wm. MICKLEFIELD is fined 2d. for not appearing.
An estray is said to have remained above one year in the Lord's bayliff's hands - therefore it's adjudged the Lord's.

Wm. MICKLEFIELD and many others fined.

It's presented that JOHN PLOMER & RICHARD SPICER have put snares in the Lord's parks to take divers fowles in the night, therefore they are fined.

On back Wm.MICKLEFIELD with others fined.

THOMAS HAMPDEN is fined 6d. for cutting wood at KINGSWOOD and others are in like cases.
-----another estray presented.


No.7 Roll 7th Third Henry the Fifth (1415)
Are two presentments of persons being common hunters & fishers in the Lord's waters and lands & are fined 10d.

Roll 6th Fifth Henry Fifth (1417)
At this Court GOMMS LAND is granted by the Lord to RICHARD son of RICHARD SHRIMPTON and his wife.

On back
Wm.GROVE and others are presented for several times fishing in the several fisheries of the Lord and are ordered to be fined.
The Mowers (land from which grass is cut) of KINGSMEAD are to be attached as by estreal (probably escheat - property that falls to the feudal lord or to the state for lack of an heir or by forfeture) 8sh.11d.


No.7 Roll 4th Saturday next before feast of St. Thomas the Apostle(July 3rd) 2ndHenry the 6th(1423)
Tenant of OKERIDGE made default etc. and fined 2d.

On back: Friday next after the feast of St. Matthew (Sept.21st) 4thHenry 6th (1425)
Wm.MARTHAN is presented to dye seized (in possession of) of a messuage etc. called HATCHES.

Roll 3rd Thursday next after St. Paul's Conversion(Jan.25th) 5thHenry 6th(1426)
JOHN CLIFFE & MARGERY his wife are admitted to the copyhold (right of holding land by copy of the Roll) called HATCHES.
On back : Is also a presentment relating to the hay in KINGS MEAD.

Roll 2nd Saturday next after etc. 7th Henry 6th(1428)
On this Roll Officers viz. Ale Teastors, Flesh Teastors etc. are appointed.

At this last Wm. MICKLEFIELD was elected and sworn constable.
(Note by the clerk - "In these times mens names were called from the places they dwelt at" )

It's presented that JOHN BLACKPOOL has carried away hay out of part of KINGS MEAD whereof 1/2 belongs to the King the other half to the Lord of the Mannor his tenant of HATCHES is therefore to speak with the Lord etc.

No. 7 Roll 1st Temple Wycombe 23rd April 10th Henry 6th(1431)
RICHARD SEXTON is fined 4d. and two others are fined severally for digging soyle without lycence at KINGS WOOD.

On back, at a court held on Tuesday after the Nativity of the Virgin Mary(Sept.8th) 10th Henry 6th(1431)
It's presented that BALDWIN ROAN,THOS.GREY,ROBERT DERHAM & others have trod down & spoyled the common pasture in KINGS MEAD to the nusance of the Commoners and are fined severally.
The next presentment there is for damage done by other persons in said meadow who are severally fined 2d.


No.2 Roll 1st 2ndEdward Fourth (1462)
The homage presents that Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE who held a messuage curtilage (a court,garden or area of land attached and belonging to a dwelling house)etc. & 23 acres of land died & that RICHARD SHRIMPTON is his next heir who is admitted according to the custom of the Mannor.

Roll 2nd At a court held on Thursday before the feast of Pentecost 4thEdward 4th(1464)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE `is Tythingman & fined 2d. for not appearing at court.

On back The Master of St. JOHN'S HOSPITAL in Wycombe is fined 2d. for not doeing his suit of court.

Roll 4th At a court on Monday next after the feast of St. Peter and Paul (June 23rd) 8thEdward 4th(1468)
It's presented that Wm. SEXTON has permitted his tenement called MICKLEFIELD to be out of repair which he is ordered to repair on pain of 2sh.

On back RICHARD SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE & others are sworn and present "all well"

In Parliament Book Fo.1 Is an inquisition taken the last day but one of October 22nd Edward 4th(1482) by vertue of a writ directed to the King's Escheator (the official who watched over escheats ( property that falls to the feudal lord or to the state for lack of an heir or by forfeiture)) which says that ROBERT BARDSEY (in the writt named) was seized in fee when he died of the MANNOR LOAKES, six cottages & 2 water mills with their appurtenances in Chepping Wycomb in the said county & died seized thereof, and says that the said Mannor cu jostin (conjoining?)is hold of the Prince as of his Dukedom of Cornwall as of the Honour of Wallingford (parcel of the Dukedom aforesaid) by fealty and 4sh. yearly rent for all services and is of the yearly value of 5 marks beyond reprises and three cottages- viz. those which are situate within the Borrough Town of Chepping Wycomb aforesaid with their appurtaneces held of our good Lord the Prince as of his Dukedom aforesaid to witt as of the Honour aforesaid by fealty & £3 yearly rent only for all services are of 10sh.yearly value beyond reprises and the other 3 cottages parcel and residue of the said six cottages to witt those 3 cottages which are situate in a certain street called ST. MARY STREETwithin the Borough of the town aforesaid with their appurtanances are held of our Lord the King only by fealty as of his Mannor of BASSETS BURY in the County aforesaid parcel of his said Dukedom and only by doing suite to the Court of our good Lord the King of his said Mannor aforesaid every 3 weeks there held for all services & are of 5sh. yearly. value in all its sonss?? beyond reprises? .

Yet the Reign of Edward the Fourth

And the said mills with their appurtanencesare held of the Priory of St.Johns of Jerusalem in England as of the Mannor of Temple in the county aforesaid by fealty & the yearly rent of 37sh.for all services and are of the yearly value of 4 marks beyond reprises
-----And the jurors further say on their oaths that the aforesaid ROBERT BARDSEY died the 17th.June in the year abovesaid & held no other lands or tenements of our said Lord the King or of any other in fee or in service in the said county and that one EDWARD BARDSEY is son and next heir of the said Robert and is of the age of 22 years and more in testimony whereof as well the said escheator as the said jurors have interchangably to this inquisition indented put their seals dated the last day but one of October in the year abovesaid.


Roll 12th Court held on Munday before feast of St.Hugh(Nov.17th) 5thHenry 7th(1489) Wm.SHRIMPTON of KINGS WOOD is sworn Tythingman.

Roll 11th court on Friday next after the feast of the Body of Christ (June 19th) 8thHenry 7th (1492)
Wm.SHRIMPTON of TOTTERUG is on the homage presentment sets forth the particular lands of Wm. SHRIMPTON called SHRIMPTON'S LAND at KINGS WOOD as forfeited for not paying the rent.

Roll 10th Court on Munday next before the feast of St.Thomas the Apostle (July 3rd)8thHen.7th(1492)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE is a juryman
First presentment is that a white ram sheep was estrayed & then in custody of Wm.SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE.

Roll 9th Court held 10th December 9th Henry 7th (1493)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE is the 4th juryman
Wm. SHRIMPTON junior of KINGSWOOD is fined 2d. for not appearing at court.
Wm.SHRIMPTON of KINGSWOOD is presented for not repairing his tenement and the bailiff is ordered to seize it in the Lord's hand as forfeited.
The next presentment said Wm. SHRIMPTON of KINGSWOOD is prosented for cutting beech in the Lord's wood.

Roll 8 Court held 29th.May 10th. Henry 7th (1494)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE is 2nd juryman
On this Roll are presentments of estrays being taken up.
JOHN WEST a baker is presented to sell bread contrary to the size
---- The last item but three Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE is a juryman.

Second December 11 Henry 7th (1495)
Wm.SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE is a juryman.
The jury on their oaths present & fine RICHARD SHIRBON Prior of the HOSPITAL of St.JOHN JERUSALEM in England & many other suitors for not appearing at this Court.

The two next presentments are, one, the death of the tenant of PANN MILL and the other of severall persons that has taken May? Boughs out of the Lord's Wood without his leave and they are to do soe noe more on paine 3sh 4d.

Wm.SHRIMPTON is admitted to a messuage and one yard, land late in tenure of ROBERT TOTTERIGE
He is also admitted inter alia to two acres of meadow in KINGS MEAD.

At the Court Leet held 14th December 12th Henry 7th (1496)
On back It's presented that a boar of 20d.price was taken estray & remains in custody of Wm.SHRIMPTON of KINGSWORTH (sic) & it's ordered that the bailiffe make proclamation thereof according to law.
JOHN COCK thr Taster presents "All Well"
JOHN COCK discharged from being Ale Taster and JOHN COOPER and ROBERT MORE are sworn in loco suo.
JOHN WEST is discharged from being Chief Tythingman and ROBERT BARDSEY sworn in etc.
JOHN BISHOP is discharged from being constable and Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIGE sworn in his room.

Roll 6 14th December 12th Henry 7th(1496)
Persons discharged and others put in their places of being Tasters of Ale and Victualls, Chief Tythingman and Constables.

Roll 5 27 November 13 Henry 7th (1497)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of KINGSWOOD is ellected Tythingman
Wm. SHRIMPTON of KINGSWOOD is again named for that his premises are out of repair.

4th December 14th Henry 7th (1498)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE and Wm. SHRIMPTON of KINGSWOOD are Tythingmen there and paid our Sovereigne Lord the King 6sh 8d.certain money.
WILLIAM RUSSELL a baker is presented for keeping a scolding harlot in his house to the annoyance of his neighbours and he is ordered to put her away before 25th March next on paine of 10sh.
Wm. SHRIMPTON is presented to have died seized int alia of two acres of customary land in KINGS MEADE PANN MILL is monconed (mentioned?) to be descended to JOHN WARE etc. whereupon a relief one years quit rent double came to the Lord.

On back : A day is given to the homage to inquire of many things, one of which is of the fishing the Lord's river & they are to be at Wycombe in October to see the premises?etc. on pain of 6sh 8d.

No 3 Roll 3 20th Henry 7th (1504)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of LOWD WATER is 7th man on the Grand Inquest.

Roll 2 12th Dec 21st Henry 7th (1505)
Wm. SHRIMPTON of LOWD WATER is the last man but 2 on the grand inquisition.
On back is that the south end of LOWD WATER MILL viz. 12 feet is built on the Lord of this Mannor's customary land in tenure of Wm. SHRIMPTON. Therefore the Lord was to be agreed with.

Dolphin PH
Dolphin PH.


Roll 1st 12th Nov.22nd Henry 7th (1506)
The second man on the Great Inquisition is Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIGE.
Jury present that ye water course at the Marsh near GOWES MILL has been obstructed in its course by the default of Wm.(Shrimpton) which he is to remove by St.George's Day or to forfeit 20d.

Item that the water course at the MARSH opposite the tenement of THOS.ELLYS was obstructed by ISABELLA (blank) which she's to remove in like manner & penalty.

They present that THOS.SNELL? has dugg clay or soyle on the Lord's land and sold it & he is fined 12d.

In parliament Book Fo.67
A rentall of THOS.DOKRAY,Prior of the Priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England in Wycombe there made the 13th Nov. 22 Henry 7th (1506)

                                             £   s   d
          HENRY DEAN tenant of KINGS WOOD    1. 09. 04
          Wm. SHRIMPTON of TOTTERIDGE       --. 16. 10 1/4


In parliament book Fo.61
Chepping Wycombe within the juristriction of this Court 15th Dec. 3rd year of King Henry the Eighth (1511)
Of ROBERT Bishop of Chichester for a debt for making default in his suit at court -.-- .06
Fo.62 and so of many more amounting in all to -.03.05

No.8 Roll 11
Court and view of frank pledge of the Venerable Brother THOS.WOOD Prior of the Hospital of St.John of Jerusalem in England held there 2nd Dec.15th Henry 8th (1523)
THOS. GIBBS sworn constable, JOHN SHRIMPTON sworn tythingman & Wm. DAVIS Ale Taster.
JOHN WORSOP Bishop of Chichester & others presented as owing service etc.

Also presented ROGER MUNDAY for digging in the MARSH LOWDWATER etc.
Wm. SHRIMPTON of LOWDWATER is sworn 5th on this jury.

No 8 Roll 10th Court held 20th May 16 Henry 8th (1524)
The 16 jurors presented that no persons not having land in this Mannor shall hereafter fish in the night time in the waters of this Mannor cum pannis laveis? or any other instruments in destruction of the fish being in the same waters on pain of forfeiting lavei ? predict? or other the instruments with which they shall fish if they shall be found faulty etc.
A estray ewe.
Capital plege constable & ale tastor as before
Another estray sheep.
A purpresture (encroachment on public property )inclosure or stoppage by SYMON EELES & GEO.LANDSDALE in LOWDWATER DITCH.

Roll 9th Court held 4th June 18th Hen.8th (1526)
JOHN SHRIMPTON capital plege, THOS.EST constable, THOS.FARRER ale tastor.
Four presentments together 1st & 2nd Common nusances, the 3rd & 4th of estray cattle.
Present the Bishop of Chichester & Dean of Windsor inter alia to be tenants & made default and the viccar of Chepping Wycombe for stopping a way in WARDROBE FIELDS and fine him 2d.

Roll 8th Court held 20th June 19th Hen 8th (1527) in the vacation after the death of THOS.DOKENOREY Clerk Prior of the Priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England.
JOHN SHRIMPTON capital plege,THOS.EST constable "Omnia Bene"
It's presented that Wm.LITTLEPAGE made a purpresture or stoppage with a tree in the water called LOWDWATER to the annoyance of his Majesties Liege people : he is commanded to reform the same by Michaelmass next or to forfeit 6sh 8d.
That 5 sheep have been taken as waifs within this Mannor of value 3sh 4d.
It's presented that the Dean & College of Windsor have withdrawn a rent of 16£? per ann. for which bailiff is ordered to distrain.
That EDMOND ROSE thases? & rethases? in depasturing his sheep on the commons of this Mannor & pens them on others common.
The viccar also presented for stopping an ancient common footway in WARDROBE FIELDS which he is to lay open by Christmass next or to forfeit 6sh 8d.

Roll 7 14th April 20th Hen 8th (1528)
THOS.EST constable presents that the wife of GEO.SAWYER kept ill government in her inn. The bailiff is commanded to amove her before the feast of Pentecost next or to forfeit 10sh.
That GEO.LANDALE ought to make a footbridge at LOWDWATER by St.John the Baptist next or to forfeit 3sh 4d.
ROBERT SHIRBORN Bishop of Chichester is presented (inter alia) to owe suite of court.
EDWARD ROSE is presented to have overflocked his common at a place called IVER HEATH therefore he is fined.

No.8 Roll 7th Court 15th June 20th Hen.8th (1528)
THOS.EST constable, JOHN SHRIMPTON capital pledge.
A day is given to Wm.LITTLEPAGE to remove out of the river of the Lord of LOWDWATER a tree lying therein on pain of 10sh.
A day is given to Michaelmass next for the viccar of Wycombe to lay open a common way leading over WARDROBE FIELDS or to forfeit 3sh 4d.

Roll 6th Court 6th June 24 Henry 8th (1532)
Capital pledge & constable sworn an estray in custody of BAILIFF.
It's presented that ROGER MUNDAY should fill up a ditch at the neither MARSH on pain 3sh 4d.
It's presented that the custom of this Mannor is that no woman within this Mannor shall have any estate in the customary lands & tenements of which her husband died seized.
A presentment of Wm.SHRIMPTON dying seized of a messuage & 2 yard lands called TAWYERS
----Two tenements now of Wm.SHRIMPTON surrendering out of court a messuage and 2 yard lands at LOWDWATER
---and of SHRIMPTON's surrendering two yard lands at TOTTERIDGE.


Roll 5th 25th Henry 8th (1533)
ROGER COOK capital plege, JOHN SHRIMPTON sworn constable in loco JOHN WEEDON.

Roll 4th Court of free plege held 8th June 26th Henry 8th (1534)
Constable presents ďOmnia beneĒ A boar estray.

In Parliament Book Fo.8th
At court leet held on Monday after the feast of Trinity 27th Henry 8th (1535)
Lycence is granted to RICHARD RATCLIFFE & JOAN his wife to lease a messuage and one yard land at LOWDWATER for 10 years from Michaelmass next & gave the Lord therefore 12d. fine.

Fo.12 Court leet & baron held on Monday after the feast of Trinity 28th Henry 8th (1536)
HUGH DOUEL? Is presented to have died seized inter alia of 5 acres of customary land lying between St.JOHNíS HOUSE & the way leading to PENN & of one acre in the common field called GOOSE ACRE.

Fo.14 20th May 29th Henry 8th (1537)
THOS.WIDMER is presented to have held freely of the Lord of this Mannor two fields called KITCHEN FIELD & QUARREY FIELD

A day is given to the homage till next court for their better enquiryówhether certain trees lately growing in a wood abiding upon NAKOTT? & carried away and disposed of by THOS.BALBORROW stood & grew on the Lordís land or on the land of the Prince of England.

No 8 Roll 3 24th April 30th Henry 8th (1538)
Constable sworn
-----JOHN RAIGN is presented out of court to have surrendered a messuage & certain lands called GOMMS LAND

In Parl.book Fo.16 29th April 30th Henry 8th (1538)
Wm.SAUNDERS & THOS.GIBBS, 2 customary tenants record a surrender by which JOHN RAYNE out of court surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the Mannor one messuage and certain parcels of land called TOMMYS LAND (Gomms?) to use of Wm.SEXTON & his heirs to whom on his paying the same lycence was granted to him to let the same for 20 years.

ROGER FUNGE presents a surrender made to him out of court by ROBERT SHRIMPTON by which he surrenders 2 yard lands with the appurtenances at TOTRIDGE----see this surrender and which follows of another & witnesses sworn etc.

Fo.19&20 The last of May 31st Henry 8th (1539)
JOHN WARD is presented to die seized of PANN MILL which he held freely of the Lord of this Mannor at 35sh. yearly rent & that MARGARETT his relict by his grant was to hold the same for her life, it is therefore commanded that she appears at next court to do fealty & pay relief.

That ROBERT SHRIMPTON while living was seized in one messuage & 2 yards of customary land lying at TOTRUGG which he held of the Lord according to custom and that MARTHA his wife held the same for life and that JOHN RATCLIFFE & GEO.SHARFIELD are next heirs of said Robert.

No.8 on back of Roll
ROGER COCKS capital plege, THOS.GIBBS constable both sworn.
ROBERT SHRIMPTON is presented to die seized of TOTERIDGE.

Roll 2 Temple Wycombe the view of frank plege with the court baron of King Henry the 8th on the feast of St.Mary the Virgin (Sept.8th) in 33rd year of his reign (1541)
THOS.GIBBS constable makes several presentments in his room.
Wm.FREEBODY is ellected constable and THOS.ELLYS capital plege in the place of ROGER COCKS.
EDWARD BELGRAVE is presented for a pound bread and fined 4d.
Two estray ewes appraised at 20d.
Another court on same roll, constable presents ďOmnia BeneĒ and a new constable & chief plege appointed in their places etc.

On back The Dean of Chichester & others are presented and owe suit & service.
An alienation of TAWYERS.

Fo.21/22 34th Henry 8th (1542)
A memorandum in the margin that GEO.LANDSDALE hath leveyed a new mill to the annoyance of the KINGS MILL.

Jurors are to set out bounds between the lands of Wm.SHRIMPTON & THOS.GIBBS at LONGLANDS.

Several estray sheep are mentioned to be taken in the Mannor as are other cattle before in several or many places.

Lord Windsor the Dean & chapter of Chichester are menconed(sic) to be suitors to this court and are fined 12d. a piece for not appearing.

Court orders that the meets and bounds betwixt the tenants of this Mannor and the land of JOHN RAUCE late VINCENT MUNDAYís & the land of the Dean & Cannons of Windsor & the land of all other tenants in the common fields be set out etc.

Fo.29 Sixteenth August 35th Henry 8th (1543)
A surrender presented by which HEN.DEAN surrendered 1 messuage & 1 yard land called LITTLE TOTTERIDGE & other lands, 2 acres in KINGS MEAD & divers other lands to use of AGNES the wife of HENRY DEAN so long as you should remain sole (not remarried?) & after to use etc.

Fo. 30
At this court came Wm. CHALFONT & did fealty ot the King for the messuage & lands called TAWYERS 17sh. yearly rent which he lately purchased.

No.8 Roll 1 Court leet on St. Georges Day the Martyr (Apr.23rd) 36th Henry 8th (1544)
ROGER COX constable presents ďOmnia BeneĒ
A ram is presented to come astray into the Mannor since since the feast of All Saints which is remitted to the custody of THOS.SEXTON.

Same Roll 19th.Oct. 37th Henry 8th.(1545)
Same constables present as above.
A presentment that JOHN STANDISH & several others ought to fill up a pit by them made in CRENDON LANE by a time limited or to forfeit 12d.


It takes notice of the estray sheep remitted to THOS.SEXTONís custody.
And that inhabitants of the Mannor ought to repair the stocks on pain of 20d.
(Marginal note by clerk ďNote the stocks used to stand in the middle of the MARISHĒ However Ashford states they were un Frogmore Ė a more likely place. Maybe there were two.)

An estray black horse
---- JOHN RODE is appointed in loco COCKS
Dean & Canons of Windsor are presented to owe suit & service.

On back The Dean & College of Windsor are presented to owe suite & service
ELIZ.CHACE is presented to have impounded cattle contrary to ancient custom out of the common field of Temple Wycombe and if she does so hereafter to forfeit 12d. for every beast.

In Parliament Book Fo.33/34 19th Oct. 37th Henry 8th (1545)
Is a court leet & at the court baron Dean & Colledge of Windsor are fined 4d. for not appearing as suitors to their suite of court.

At a court then held the Dean & College are fined 4d.

The Dean & College are again fined 4d.

A surrender made by Wm.SEXTON of a messuage & land called GOMMS

Wm.SEXTON is presented to have surrendered a messuage & a yard land called MICKLESFIELD & a messuage & yard land called CULVERHOUSE & 2 acres of meadow in KINGS MEAD
ANDREW DEAN prays a lycence which is granted to let his customary messuage called HUTTS (Hatters Lane farm?) & LITTLE TOTTERIDGE.


Fo.29 22nd Feb. 4th Edward 6th (1550)
At a court baron the Dean & Colledge are againe fined 4d.

Fo.40/41 4th April 5th Edward 6th (1551)
At a court baron capital plege sworn
An estray----
RICHARD RATCLIFFE and JOANNA his wife pray a lycence (which is granted) to let to THOS.SEXTON a messuage & lands called TOTRIGE for 10 years from vc? & paid a fine 4sh 4d.

Fo. 42 4th Nov. 5 Edward 6th (1551)
A presentment of a saw pitt being made in ye Kingís highway.
A surrender is recorded by which ANDREW DEANE surrenders a messuage & 1 yard land called TOTTRIDGE, 9 acres in HIGH FIELDS & 2 acres in KINGS MEAD.
JOANNA RATCLIFFE is presented to dye seized of a messuage & land at LOWDWATER & RICHARD RATCLIFFE her husband & tenant by the courtesy of England & gave a fine of 6sh. to the King.
AGNES DEAN surrenders & releases her dower in LITTLE TOTTERIGE & meadow ground in KINGS MEAD.

Fo.45 12th April 7th Edward 6th (1553)
A constable elected The Dean & college of Windsor are again fined 4d.
That JOHN WARE died seized of PANN MILL & that his cousin CHRISTOPHER WARE is his next heir whereupon there happened to the King 35sh. for a reliefe.

Dean & Colledge are again fined 4d
JOANNA RATCLIFFE widdow of RICHARD RATCLIFFE is presented to have died seized of a messuage & certain lands at LOWDWATER.


Fo.47 8th July 3rd.of Philip & Mary
The Dean & college of Windsor are fined 4d.

The Dean & College of Windsor inter alia are fined 4d.

Fo.50 11th June 4th Philip & Mary (1556)
JOHN RATCLIFFE a copyhold tenant is presented to have died seized of a copyhold messuage & certain lands at LOWDWATER etc.
The bailiff is commanded to distreyne (to seize for non-payment of rent or rates) the Dean of the College of Windsor for a yearly rent of 16sh.8d.for suite of court for a messuage & wood called OKERIDGE.
Present that THOS.SAUNDERS by his daughter CATHERINE cut the boughs of the Lordís trees in St. JOHNS WOOD & fined 2d.


Fo.52 11th July 2nd Eliz.(1559)
Dean & canons fined.
Itís presented that RICHARD FREER died seized of one barn & certain lands called BROOK LANDS (by the MARSH) by fealty etc. & 8sh? yearly rent and that the same are descended to his eldest son & heir RICHARD FREER whereupon there happened to the Lord for a relief of 8sh.
The next presentment is of a cottage in FROGMORE which JOHN PONTIFEX held in soccage (feudal tenure of lands by service fixed and determinate in quality (other than by military service) OR a payment made by a socager (a tenant by socage)) & had sold to ROWLAND EELES alias WITMALL & the bailiff commanded to distreyne for 12d. a reliefe.
Two more presentments of the like nature, one in FROGMORE & another at TAWYERS.

Fo.53 1st Oct. 3 Eliz(1560)
The Dean & Canons of Windsor & the Dean & Canons of Chichester fined severally 2d.
GEORGE SHEFFIELDís death is presented who held part of a messuage & 2 yard lands of copyhold lying at TOTTERIDGE and that he died seized since the last court, whereupon there happened to the Lord for a herriott (a fine due to the lord of the manor on the death of a tenant- originally their best beast or chattel) a brown heifer of the price of 36sh.8d. & those that are his heirs are heare named who are admitted.
The heirs of GEO. SHEFFIELD pray a lycence to let t vg? which is granted.
CHRISTOPHER PYME is to set out the lands the Lord of this Mannor holds & those of the Dean & Canons of Windsor on payment 40sh.
3sh. 4d. penalty for any tenant to digg land by the Kingís highway in St. JOHNS WOOD.


(At this point the clerk notes that a leaf has been torn out. The section below is then the last page of a Rentall)

                                                                         sh.  d.
Fo.59	Of Wm.READHEAD for an acre in KINGSMEAD                          --   3per ann
    Of JOHN LITTLEBOY for 3 acres in WHITEFIELD                          --  12
    Of the LADY STRATTON for 1 meadow in the MARISH late COCKS           --  13
    Of the same for one meadow in the MARSH                              --   6
Fo.60	Of THOS.WELLISBORN for one meadow in the MARSH late etc.         --  14
    Of RICHARD PENN for a yard land in LITTLE ASHERDYE (Asheridge below)
     & 9 acres in GREAT ASHERIDGE                                        18   6
    Of the same for our (one?)meadow in the MARCH called RYE MEAD         1  10
    Of CHRISTOPHER (no surname given but probably COPLAND ) for 9 acres
     in GREAT ASHERIDGE                                                   9  --
    Of the same for 11 acres in LITTLE ASHERIDGE                          3   8
    Of the same for 2 crofts in TOTTERIDGE                                8   8
Fo.61	Of the same for land in RYE FIELD                                (blank)
    Of the same for 3 acres in KINGS MEAD                                    12
    For certainty money for the view of frankplege there.                 2   -
                                                        The sume total  119   6

The last day but one of May 10th Eliz. (1567)
Itís presented that LADY WINDSOR Dean & Chapter of Chichester & the Burgesses of Chepping Wycombe among others are free tenants & are fined for not doing suite & service.
Itís presented that a certain cottage called LE WARDE HOUSE ? at TOTTERIDGE is very ruinous & out of repair.

On back The Lord granted to JOHN (blank) one messuage & certain lands called LITTLE TOTTERIDGE to use.
At a court baron held 21st Sept. 19th Queen Elizabeth (1576) Itís presented that HENRY COPLAND held of the Lord one cottage & one acre of wood called TAWYERS GROUND lying between a common wood called KINGSWOOD & a tenement called HIGHFIELD of the rent of 1d.?
Itís presented that one CHRISTOPHER COPLAND, father of the said HENRY COPLAND held of the Lord by copy one messuage and 2 yard lands with their appurtenances called TOTTERIGE lying in the several places & form? following viz.- The kitchen , thereof on the west all the lofts & rooms from the hall chimney on the west the malthouse & stable adjoining on the north where --- stood two bays of barning, the carthouse, the house or court on the south, one croft called PEASE CROFT adjoining to the said house on the south, halfe the garden adjoining to ye orchard & the house on the south, & several other parcells of land and half an acre in GREAT KINGS MEAD of the yearly rent of 10sh.6d. & a herriot and fines when they shall happen and that the said lands descended to HENRY COPLAND his son & heir.

At a court held 14th Oct.19th Elizabeth (1576)
On back The homage for the court baron say & present that FREDERICK LORD WINDSOR is a tenant & owes service to this court for a tenement called WHITE LITTERFIELD near OCKRIDGE and the Dean & Cannons of Windsor are tenants for OCKRIDGE lands of rent of 10sh.6d.
THOS.WIDMORE is tenant for BLACKMORE otherwise TAWYERS.
That HENRY COPLAND is son & heir of CHRISTOPHER who was a free tenant for a cottage & one acre of land at KINGS WOOD at rent of 1sh?
Said HENRY COPLAND came in open court & surrendered that tenement called TOTTRIDGE into the hands of the Lord of the Mannor to use of Wm.ASHFOFD? & his heirs.

At a court leet and baron held 11th Dec. 20th Elizabeth (1577)
Itís presented that the Dean & Cannons (inter alia) are customary tenants.
The jury make the same presentment at the court held 14th Oct. 19 Elizabeth (1576) At a court leet & baron held 15th Jan 20th Eliz.(1577)
They present that FREDERICK LORD WINDSOR for WHITE PITT? FIELD near OKERIDGE, the Dean & Canons of Windsor for OKERIDGE LAND, the Dean & Chapter of Chichester for a messuage & land at LOWDWATER, for ROTHOLLS GROVE, for 8 acres called REI FIELDS for a wood called REI GROVE, FOR 2 DELFIELDS, THOS.WIDMORE for BLACKMORE LANDS otherwise TAWYERS, THOS.HAILEY for 3 acres in OKERIDGE, HENRY COPLAND for a cottage called TAWYERS, the Mayor and Burgesses of Chepping Wycombe-----

At a court held the 10th Sept.25th Eliz.(1582)
Itís presented that HENRY DEAN the son of JOHN DEAN is of full age of 21 & that he is to make make his fine to the Lord for certain lands called TOTTERIDGE HUTTS &KEENES.
Itís presented that HENRY COBLAND aliened (transferred) a pightle (small enclosure) of land by KINGS WOOD.
Itís presented that JOHN DEAN is dead seized of one messuage & one yard land called LITTLE TOTTERIDGE and that HENRY DEAN is his son & heir.

Totteridge Conservation Area
Totteridge Conservation Area.


No 4 Roll 1st. Court baron 12th March 26 Eliz.(1583)
The Dean & Canons of Windsor & Chichester & the Mayor & Burgesses of Wycombe are presented as free tenants owing suite & service---
A messuage & several lands called LITTLE TOTRIDGE & 2 pieces in KINGS MEAD are presented to have been surrendered by HENRY DEAN &EDITH his wife to use of Wm.SKYDMORE his heirs & aforesaid who is admitted and paid 3? relief being 3 copyholds.
That CONSTANTINE SLATER ought to make the gate that standeth at the lane end next unto TOTTERIDGE.
That JOHN HUTCHINSON hath felled wood in WHITE FIELD belonging to TOTTERIDGE and fined 5sh.
On back At the view of frank plege held 7th Oct 26th.Eliz.(1583) the said Deans & Cannons & Mayor etc. of Wycombe are presented as suitors.
Hereís a presentment that bows & arrows are not kept as usual by the inhabitants.
Itís ordered that CONSTANTINE SLATER shall make his hedge from his house called KINGSWOOD along the common to WYCOMBE FIELD GATE & so down the lane into WYCOMBE FIELD & along by BOWER DEANE and soe by KEYS GROUND & soe unto his house againe etc. on pain of 10sh.
Soe a deed of partition dated 29th July 13 Eliz.(1570) of one messuage & two yard lands & meadow called TOTTERIDGE parcell of the Mannor of Temple Wycombe, entred or inrolled on this and the next Roll.

No4 Roll 2 At a court held 29th March 27th Eliz.(1584)
The same suitors are presented as in the other rolls.
18th Dec. 28th Eliz.(1585)
JAMES HILL is presented to have built a tenement at FLACKWELL HEATH.

Roll 3 At a court held 1st March 29th Eliz.(1586) Are the same suitors as the other.
ASH MILL is presented to be in this Mannor.
TIMOTHY PYME has surrendered a messuage & one yard & half of land called HATCHES (possibly HANECHEDENE unlocated in Domesday Book) upon DAWS HILL in part of a performance of an agreement etc.

Roll 3rd. A court held 19th Sept.30th Eliz.(1587) Same suitors as at the courts above.
The jury are to view a beech cut by R.WIDMORE which grew on the Green whether it be the Lordís or not.

Rolls 3rd & 4th A court held 7th April 31st Eliz.(1588)
Constables & Tythingmen elected & sworn & the same suitors as at the other court.
The jurors present that there ought to be a payer (pair?) of butts within the Mannor which shall be sufficiently made before Witsontide next. (Note by clerk ďThe butts are yet in the RyeĒ)

No.5 A view of the territories & rentall there renewing as well as of the free customary lands as of the lands & mills demised by indenture or otherwise at will with the view of the woods & wast lands there by the report of JOHN RANCE, Wm.SAUNDERS,ROBERT RATCLIFFE,Wm.SHERFIELD,ANDREW DEAN,Wm.SEXTON,ROBERT EYLS? JOHN STANDISH,JOHN SHRIMPTON, & JOHN DARREL held for the Lord taken & viewed at Temple Wycombe aforesaid 12th Sept.

38th Henry 8th (1546) as here below appears vizó
And at these marks is what is remarkable which take notice of, lands in KINGS MEAD,LITTLE TOTTERIGE,MICKLEFIELD,GOMS,LOWDWATER,FLACKWELL HEATH,the NETHER MARISH,DAWS---

At a court held the 8th April 44 Eliz. (1602)
On back Last presentment is that JOHN SEXTON & HENRY WELLES, customary tenants of the Mannor brought into court a certain surrender of one messuage & 2 yard lands with the appurtenances called TOTTERIGE to use etc.---


At a court held the 8th October 5th James(1607)
Itís ordered that the jury before the next court shall view the banks of PANN MILL,St.JOHNS MILL,& ASH MILL & shall place law? stakes where the water has overflown and everyone that shall penn? higher than the stakes shall forfeit 2 sh.

At a court leet and baron held 15th April 10th James (1612) Itís presented that the bound stones of this Mannor are insufficient, therefore it is ordered that they are amended before the feast of St.John the Baptist next on forfeit 20sh.

Itís presented that JOHN STYLES the steward of the said Mannor in open court recorded a surrender made out of court whereby ROBERT HUGSON &ELIZABETH his wife surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor one messuage with the appurtenances and two yard lands called TOTTERIGE to the use etc.---
JOHN BIGG(S?) was appointed & sworne constable and JOHN SHRIMPTON was chosen and was sworn Tythingman.

At a court held the 19th April 11th James (1613)
Itís presented that Lord Windsor,the Dean & Cannons of Windsor, the Dean & Cannons of Chichester, the Mayor & Burgesses of Chepping Wycombe among others are free tenants and are fined for not doing suite and service.

Itís presented that EDWARD WINCKLES suffered the water to runn along the Kingís highway at BIRDS ? HOUSE, therefore he is fined 12d. and itís further ordered that he amend it by the time therein menconed.
(Note: Parkerís map of ancient Wycombe shows WYNKLEíS BRIDGE across Oxford St. just east of Bowderyís Lane)

At a court held the 23rd June 12th James (1614) Lycence is granted to Wm.SEXTON to lett his copyhold.

At a court held 23rd December 13th James (1615) ROWLAND HOLT son of JOHN HOLT by vertue of a letter of attorny from him surrenders into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor all that customary messuage & certain lands called TOTTERIGE to the use etc.----


At a court held 29th April 15th James (1617)
Wm.GROVE of KINGSWOOD among others is fined 8d. for not appearing and doing suite of court.
They present that part of a water course which ought to run through a meadow lying near ASH MILL in possession of Wm. HALL is turned into the Kingís highway to the great damage etc. therefore itís ordered that unless the said HALL shall turne the water into itís old course again they fine him 10sh.

At this court came ROGER HARRIS & THOS.ASHBYE, two customary tenants and present a certain surrender etc. by which GEORGE WELLES surrenders into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor all that his messuage or tenement, land, woodland, pasture and common of pasture with the appurtenances called TOTTERIGE within this Mannor to the use of etc.----

At a court held the 28th May 16th James (1618)
The steward of the Mannor in open court recorded a surrender into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor according to custome one messuage & two yard lands with the appurtenances called TOTTERIGE and all other customary lands to use etc.

A surrender presented whereby GEORGE WELLS one of the customary tenants surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor all that customary messuage or tenement wherein said George now dwells called by the name of TOTRIGE with all houses, outhouses etc. upon condition etc.

A surrender presented whereby Wm.SEXTON surrenders into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor certain customary lands called COMES (Gomms?) FIELD containing 12 acres and all that one acre of meadow called COMES ACRE lying in KINGS MEADE to use etc.

A surrender presented whereby Wm.SEXTON Senior and ALICIA his wife surrender all that close of land with the hedgerows containing 12 acres called UPPER COMES FIELD and all that one acre of pasture ground called COMES ACRE lying in the common meade called KINGS MEADE to use etc.

At a court held the 21st January 16th James (1618/9)
Itís presented that GEORGE WELLS and ANN his wife surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor all and singular their customary messuages and lands called TOTTERIGE & all other his lands etc. to use etc.

At a court held the 4th October 18th James (1620)
They present that Wm. GROVE of KINGSWOOD & severall others are free tenants and are fined 4d. for not appearing and doeing suit of court.
They present that RICHARD WIDMER Esq. hold freely of the Lord of this Mannor one messuage or tenement called TAWYERS & 20 acres of land and one cottage where Wm. FRYER lately dwelt and 16 acres of land.

At a court baron 29th December 18th James (1620)
A surrender presented whereby ROGER HARRIS & ELIZABETH his wife surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the Mannor the halfe of one messuage & 2 yard lands with the appurtenances called TOTTRIGE & all other their copyhold lands & tenements to use etc.

At a court held 23rd April 20th James (1622)
Itís presented that the Dean & Cannons of Windsor & Chichester among others are free tenants & are fined for not doing suit & service.

At a court held 17th December 20th James (1622)
Itís presented that RICHARD SPENCER surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor by the hands of the steward all that messuage or tenement & two yard lands called TOTTERIGE, the use etc.

At this court lycences are granted to JOHN SEXTON and LEVY GIBBS to sett their copyholds of inheritance for any terme not exceeding 1000 years saving to the Lord etc.

At a court held 6th October 21 James (1623)
CHRISTOPHER LOOSLEY is fined 6d. for digging the Lordís wast in a lane against GREAT KINGS MEADE.


At a court held 2nd October 2nd Charles (1626)
They present that EDWARD SHERWOOD hath continued built on the Lordís wast at the fulling mill called GOSHAMS MILL between the millpond and the land late of ALICE JENINGS , therefore they fine him 2sh?

They that JOHN GORE hath continued inclosed and built upon the Lordís wast at LOWDWATER MILL with a garden & parcell of the house called the MILL HOUSE therefore they fine him 3sh 4d. unless etc.

At a court held the 7th October 4th Charles (1628) Itís prsented that Wm.GROVE of KINGSWOOD is resident within this Mannor and is fined 4d. for not appearing.


At a court held the 12th Aprill 1659 10th Charles 2nd
( Note this is during the Commonwealth, but it was probably written by a royalist showing the years of the exiled King as from 1649. From here onwards the year is given as Anno Domini.)

Itís presented that the Dean & Cannons of Windsor & the Dean & Chapter of Chichester, the Mayor, Bailiff and Burgesses of the Borough of Chepping Wycombe and others are freeholders of this Mannor & owe suite of court who made default & are fined.

At a court held the 19th April 16th Charles 2nd. 1664
They present that SARAH LAWRANCE widdow hath continued a cottage errected on the Lordís wast within this Mannor therefore they fine her £10 unless she pulls downe the said cottage before Michaelmass next.

That Wm. PARKER held freely of the Lord of this Mannor one messuage and certain lands called TAWYERS by fealty suite of court and the yearly rent of 1sh.6d.


At a court held the 1st April 1682 34th Charles 2nd.
Itís presented that the Dean & Cannons of Windsor, Dean & Chapter of Chichester, the Mayor, Bailiff & Burgesses of Chepping Wycombe are free tennants of this Mannor and owe suite & service who made default & are therefore fined---

Itís presented that (blank) SEXTON widdow hath continued errected for the space of one month one cottage at TILER END GREEN therefore she is fined 2sh.

Itís presented that the land, ground and water upon which the south part of the mill called LOWDWATER MILL is now standing built together with the walls, bancks edifers (buildings) & waterworks and part of the millhouse and also the fish and passage eastward to and from the said mill to a certaine meadow called GREAT KINGSMEADE and also the waste lying on the south part of the said mill as then set out belonging to this Mannor & as appears by two leases etc.

Itís presented that JOHN HILL hold freely of the Lord of this Mannor a messuage & certain lands called TARRIERS died since the last court etc.

In the Reigne of King George

3rd October 1720 Court leet and Baron.
There are on this jury 31 persons sworne who are from severall parts of the parish.
The Dean and Cannons of Windsor & many others are presented as owing suit and service.
TAWYERS is presented as in this Mannor as is an incrochment at LOWDWATER MILL,TYLER END GREEN, TOTTERIGE, COURNEY LANE Gate (Note this is CRENDON LANE and in the Goodearl Title Deeds it was Carney Lane in 1708 and Curnell Lane in 1710) to be maintained by Lord of Mannor, HATTERS LANE, eight incroachments at LOWER MARISH viz. by JOHN HEARNE, JAMES WOOLARD, EDWARD WYE, JAMES CHILD, JAMES KING, GEORGE ANDREWS, GEORGE WOOLARD, THOS. HARRIS, JOHN BARTON, RICHARD FRYER, JOHN FRANCES, EDWARD GOFFE ? JOSEPH FRACES, JOHN DENNIS at TYLERS END GREEN.


16th October 1727 Court Leet & Baron
Seven presentments of reliefes due on freeholderís deaths on alienation of freehold.
Dean and Cannons of Windsor, Mayor etc. of Wycombe-----

9th October 1728 Court Leet & Baron
JAMES WOOLARD is presented for erecting an additional building on the Lordís wast near the cottage lately by him erected on the Lordís wast at the LOWER MARISH and is fined 5sh.

( This appears to be the end of the Court records with the following note added at the time of the transcription)

In 1703, LORD SHELBURNE was in Ireland and in his absence left COUCHMAN, one of witnesses, as his bailiff who was applied to by the owners or occupiers of the mill next above the MARISH to scour the river there.

COUCHMAN, not knowing whether LORD SHELBURNE ought to scoure it or not, applied to Mr.WELLES an attorney & who always lived in Wycombe to be advised whether it was his Lordís duty to scoure or not, who told him it was & thereupon he got a team & actually plowed up the river for more easy throwing out the gravel etc.& therein applied one WEEDONís team, then a farmer of the LOWER MARISH & many labourers, one whereof was WYE who lives in a cottage in question in the MARISH and one of the horses of the said team had like to have been spoyled in plowing the river.

And further to prove plowing as above etc.& the accounts of COUCHMAN & earl shelburn 1703.

WILLIAM TURNER remembers to have heard that the MARSH ( the first time without an I !) BROOK & BAUCKS used to be maintained by Mr.ARTHDALE who was owner of Temple Wycombe Mannor before LORD SHELBURNE.

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