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A Trip Round Wycombe Pubs.

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Local History

THE QUEEN wearing THE ROSE AND CROWN and THE GOLDEN FLEECE accompanied by KING GEORGE V and VICTORIA escorted by THE IRON DUKE and THE RED CROSS KNIGHT went on a voyage in THE SHIP round THE GLOBE as far as BELL VUE.

After a ROUNDABOUT cruise they cast ANCHOR near THE ROYAL OAK in time to see THE FALCON and THE SWAN fly into THE ARMS OF BEACONSFIELD.

They all saw THE JOLLY BUTCHER drive THE WHITE HORSE in the VAN with THE TWO BREWERS and THREE TUNS. They called at THE CARRINGTON ARMS, sat on THE WOOLPACK and enjoyed a snack of PHEASANT and PINEAPPLE.

A BIRD IN HAND is worth two in the bush. After reading THE MORNING STAR by the light of THE HALF MOON they saw THE FOX looking at THE NAG'S HEAD on THE GATE of THE FLINT COTTAGE.

He suddenly rang THE BELL which caused THE BULL and THE RED COW to bolt through the town as far as THE RAILWAY TAVERN where they collided with THE HORSE AND JOCKEY, broke THE PORTER'S ARMS and cracked THE SARACEN'S HEAD.

THE BLACK BOY shouted out "Be careful old COCK, keep within THE COMPASS or THE MASON'S ARMS will grab you suddenly." THE RIFLE BUTTS in and wanted to know what made his A(U)NTELOPE.

She always looked like an ANGEL especially when in THE CHAIR-MAKER'S ARMS and he would not EXCHANGE her for a WHITE BLACKBIRD or a MOTHER REDCAP, but would sooner PLOUGH the land with a STEAM ENGINE. " Hear Hear" quoth THE RED LION, THE WHITE HART and THE BLACK SWAN.

At that moment THE COW & HARE tried to sing a duet, but they sang in such CROSS KEYS that THE WHITE LION remarked that they were making a hard job of it and should have LEDBETTER.

Harmony reigned once more and everybody was as proud as a PEACOCK when they saw THE KING'S HEAD nodding to them as he drove by in THE COACH & HORSES.

They all ROSE and saluted. GORDON ARMS then called the landlord and said "Fill (H)OUR GLASS at THE FOUNTAIN. " There is a FRIEND AT HAND so we'll pop round to THE DESBOROUGH where there will be a HAPPY UNION under the shade of the old BEECH TREE.

Late 19th century.

Wycombe Pubs 1750-1915

Judson's 1875 High Wycombe Street Directory

Oct. 2003

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