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Auckland Harbour Bridge

My first major job in 37 years as a bridge engineer was on the design of the lattice girders of the 3 main spans of the Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand. The central span is 800 feet long and the side spans are 580 feet each.

Originally the bridge was designed to carry 5 lanes of traffic, but to save money it was redesigned to carry only 4 lanes. Before construction I checked all the blueprints for the entire 3380 feet length of bridge and knew every rivet and bolt in the structure. I had only to shut my eyes at night to see bolt groups!

Soon after completion the traffic increased rapidly and the capacity was doubled by providing additional 2-lane bridges alongside the original structure. As the contractors for the extension were Japanese the new bridges were known as the Nippon Clip-on.

More photos of the bridge

Home and Garden

Ken, Julie and Jean

Begonias with Jean, Ken and Julie Lee from Canberra.

The house

Tulips in nursery bed.

Autumn Crocus. The leaves appear in the Spring but the naked flowers in late August.

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